Custom Software Solutions

Sometimes "off-the-shelf" software really doesn't handle tasks as effectively as you would like, but you have no other choice, right? Not anymore! With assistance from Northland Software, we can design and custom build applications--giving your business a competitive advantage.


Need to access your information while on the go? Do you have a current website that isn't mobile friendly? Northland can build mobile websites that can be accessed by most mobile devices.


Many businesses use spreadsheets to record activities, manage inventory, etc.... If your business has a large amount of data in spreadsheets, you could be losing out in more ways than one. For example, consider reporting; how quickly can you get information from your spreadsheets? How easy is it to access this information? Is the information displayed in tabular format causing decision making to be difficult and time consuming? Take advantage of the latest technologies by using a custom solution to present your data with graphs that can easily communicate vital business indicators. We can significantly decrease the amount of time required to access your information and present your data in a more meaningful, user-friendly format--allowing you to make important decisions and respond to situations rapidly.


Do you have a business process that is currently managed manually? Why not automate it with customized workflow software? Track and monitor your processes in real-time! Identify bottlenecks in your current processes, then re-engineer them for better performance! Gain real insight into your processes using Business Intelligence software built specifically for your business.


Would integrating with your business partners help your business? For example: do you need to automate inventory, re-ordering automatically when supplies reach a predetermined threshold? We can help. We can build custom software that "talks to" your partners' or vendors' APIs. Whether your partner is using older technology or the latest web services--we can help.